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Livo is reimagining how lab tests get done. Join us on our journey.

Our values guide how we behave and operate

If you are someone who can put yourself in the shoes of others, is able to see things from multiple perspectives, and has a passion for innovation, we invite you to consider applying for a position at Livo. We value emotional intelligence as much technical know-how because we know we need both to create exceptional teams.

Each of us can make a difference

By focusing on our core area while keeping communication channels open with experts in other areas

Strive to be the best you can be

Integrity, intelligence, and energy: the star qualities we value the most

Assume nothing and challenge everything

It allows us to look at things from different perspectives and invest in new ideas

We are looking for candidates with these key attributes

We are organized into five distinct professional teams whose success is a result of the company's horizontal structure that encourages continuous collaboration and coordination among teams.

In making hiring decisions, these are some of the qualities we look for in team members:

  • Strong academic record along with diverse professional interests
  • Quantitative talent and critical thinking skills
  • Passion for investment banking or asset management
  • Team player with leadership potential
Current jobs

Finding the perfect role can be a challenging task, but we strive to make the process as simple and intuitive as possible. Sort through the job vacancies below and click on the one that appeals most to you.

Data Processing Executive
Senior Full Stack developer/ Software engineer
Senior web developer (WordPress)
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