Livo Blood Analyser uses AI to identify, classify and count blood cells to generate an accurate CBP report in minutes
It does not need reagents to operate. All the blood cell differentiation and counting is performed by explainable AI algorithms.

Benefits of the
Livo Blood Analyser

Low investment

No need to invest in expensive blood counters and reagents that require processing of a minimum number of daily blood samples in order to break even on the investment

7 Parts Differential

The Livo blood analyser is trained to count and evaluate 7 types of white blood cells, compared to the 3-part and 5-part industry standards

High-resolution cell images

CBP report includes meticulous visual evidence to support descriptive analysis of the test results

Ease of use

No skilled operator is required. Anyone can use it.

High accuracy and sensitivity

Able to detect simple infections, cancers and rare diseases/abnormalities with sensitivity and specificity levels at 98% or more

Instant results

Physician can obtain CBP test report in minutes and does not need to depend on diagnostic lab’s turnaround times.

Artificial Intelligence combined with high-precision opto-mechatronics

The Livo Blood Analyser is a smart robotic microscopy device that takes high-precision digital images of a peripheral blood smear slide and then analyses and labels them using an underlying AI algorithm to generate a complete blood picture count and report.

Unlike traditional blood cell analysis performed by hematology laboratories, whereby a blood counter device is necessary to first count the cells using reagents, followed by a pathologist who examines their size, shape and structure and writes a morphology report, the Livo algorithm is capable of discerning and performing all steps automatically in a fraction of the turnaround time it typically takes labs to deliver a CBP report.

How it works
Simple and streamlined work
process to get results quickly
Prick & Smear

A blood sample taken through a finger prick is smeared in a microscope slide

Stain the slide

The blood smear is placed in a Coplin jar with modified Wright-Giemsa stain for 1 minute

Insert slide into the Livo

After staining and once dry, the slide is inserted into the Livo Blood Analyser using its slide tray

Get detailed report

A CBP report with high-resolution cell images will be generated within a few minutes

High-precision, high-detail
blood tests and reports
The reports produced by the Livo Blood Analyser exceed the industry standard in terms of precision and cell differentiation
The report findings are accompanied by high-resolution cell images that enhance interpretation of the results
The AI/ML algorithm processes CBP statistics and suggests possible diagnosis
Our Products

Hemat AI

Livo Blood Analyser´s flagship AI-powered test: performing highly differentiated blood analysis useful from diagnosing common and simple infections to detecting cancers and complex rare diseases.

Pap AI

Test using an underlying AI algorithm to screen for cervical cancer and detect abnormalities at a fraction of the time it takes with traditional manual screening. Coming soon.

Semen AI

Test using an underlying AI algorithm to measure male fertility, taking into account all essential parameters (morphology, motility, concentration). Coming soon.